About the ELRC's Al Azhar-West Dialog Project

The Al Azhar-West Dialog Project was created in 2009 at Al Azhar University in Nasr City Cairo, Egypt at the English Language Resource Center (ELRC). The ELRC was founded in 2007 as a product of cooperation between Al Azhar University and the US Embassy Cairo. The ELRC provides intensive English language instruction to Al Azhar junior faculty members and promotes mutual understanding between nations.
Our mission is to use new technologies to provide a forum for constructive dialog between citizens of Western nations and Al Azhar University students and faculty.
We believe that Muslim-West dialog is the vital first step on the path to mutual understanding, mutual respect, peace and friendship. We hope you take part in the dialog to read, listen and learn with an open mind.

To read student writing visit the Voices of the ELRC blog

Watch student-produced ELRC Extracurricular Highlights Video 2009-2010

Watch student-produced ELRC Extracurricular Highlights Video 2008-2009


  1. The Dialog Project is hugely commendable. In our common efforts, no matter how modest or unassuming in addressing 'misunderstanding' or simply 'resentment,' I sincerely pray to Allah s.w.t. will see their fruition into the realization that we are after all one and the same in many ways. We are all creations of God and we will all return to God. We are definitely capable of loving each other because we all have brains and therefore, intelligence to direct our ways to peace and understanding. May Allah bless your Project and the whole of humanity, Amiin!

  2. Realy: This is very good.
    Thank you very much.

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